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Want a business that works so you don't have to? Discover how to make your dream a reality.

Our systematic Business Coaching methods help entrepreneurs and owners overcome challenges in maintaining a business. Just like great athletes who find success by following the lead of a coach with a winning game plan, more business owners than ever before are turning to Business Coaches. Your Business Coach will make you focus on your business and hold you accountable to the things you should do and where you want your business to be. With offices in Louisville and Northern Kentucky, and proven systems that work in every industry, our business coaches can help you grow your business and balance your life.

What’s our 7 point Guarantee?

  1. We Guarantee to get results, and that you’ll be able to “Find our Fee” in your business within 17-weeks of ActionCOACH coaching your company…or your coaching is FREE!
  2. We Guarantee to tell the truth about you and your business…no matter  how uncomfortable it may be, or how hard it is to share with you the realities of your business and the changes you need to make…
  3. We Guarantee you a “business re-education” that shows how your business really works and how to sucessfully grow your company…as well as how to apply your new knowledge to any business situation.
  4. We Guarantee complete confidentiality…
  5. We Guarantee a personalized approach to your business…
  6. We Guarantee a proven system and methodology that is designed to multiply profits in your business, with complete access to our proprietary system of coaching strategies, systems, programs and services…
  7. We Guarantee to show you how ActionCOACH defines business success, and how to build a commercial, profitable enterprise that works for you.

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How is Your Virtual Communication?

How is Your Virtual Communication?

How many virtual meetings have you had recently? There is a lot of talking going on, but how much are we communicating? Communication is two-way. The measure of effective communication is the response that you get. The same principles of communication apply to both virtual and in person conversations; however, there are just a few nuances when you are not face-to-face.

Is Time Management a Skill?

Is Time Management a Skill?

As a Business Coach, the number one thing I hear from my clients and other business owners is that they never have enough time. They all want to be better time managers, if I could just teach them how. Well there are two problems with that concept, the first of which is that “time management” doesn’t exist…it’s self-management. The second problem is that all the skills in the world won’t help you with time or self-management if we don’t fix something else first.

Continuing to Move Forward

Continuing to Move Forward

I am listening to many people who are struggling to focus right now. The challenge of working remotely, disrupted schedules, and the demands of caring and schooling children have been stressful for many. Add the regular occurrences we call “life,” (blocked toilets, flat tires, running out of milk) and you have the makings for a distracted mind. So how do you keep moving forward?

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