Like many of you, I talk to a lot of people about my business, and I am always looking for prospects.  Now that we are venturing out, safely, from behind our Zoom screens, we are talking to even more people about our businesses. The myriad of prospects will include a few true, quality leads.  So how do you recognize which ones to pursue? Here are 5 tips to use.

First, find out if they are willing to engage with you. Do they want to have a conversation, have they responded to your call or email? If you do not get a response initially, pause then try again.  If they still do not respond, they are not interested at this time.

Second, when you do engage with them, are they friendly and cooperative? If someone is truly interested, you can tell through their voice, tone and body language if you are speaking to them in person.  Via email is a little more of a challenge, so pay attention to the words that they use and when they responded. At this point, your job is to position them to be your customer.  A fine-tuned sales process makes this easier. You have a process from sales to delivery.  A quality lead will follow your process, not need exceptions.  

Third, does the customer know what it is that they want? If they are not clear on what they want or need, they cannot buy from you.  You can help them by asking questions.  One key question starts with, “What’s the most important thing about…..?” Follow up with, “Why is that?”  then with, “What are your expectations exactly?”   

The fourth point is one that is often overlooked – when do they want the product or service? Someday is impossible to schedule. Yesterday is over.  Weekly starting in July is a target that you can hit.  That level of specificity is a hallmark of a quality lead.

Fifth, does the customer want your help, and do they believe that you can help them? Your sales process should include positioning yourself as having the solution for what they need. By asking enough questions, you should be able to present a few solutions, then recommend which you think is best for the customer.  When offering a solution, repeat the customer’s own words that they used to describe their problem. That tells them that you really listened and understand what they are saying.

In summary, a quality lead:

  1. Is willing to engage with you.
  2. Are friendly and cooperative.
  3. Knows what they want.
  4. Knows when they want it.
  5. Believes and trusts that you have the solution for them.

If any of these are missing, don’t give up entirely. You just have some work to do.  Take some time to educate them.  Enroll them in a DRIP campaign so they can learn more about you and your solutions, and how it can help them. Tell stories about the success other customers have had using your solutions.  Let them see themselves as your customer. 

We have all said, “I really want that account/business.” How we feel is really not important. It is how the customer feels that matters. Focus your time and energy on the leads that are ready and willing to buy from you and let the others go.

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Sandy Merritt, Business Coach in Louisville, KY