Correction vs Re-Direction

Do you ever get tired of correcting your team (or spouse or kids)?  Well, if you’ve ever read the book “Whale Done”, you know that trainers figured out early on that you can’t “Correct” a killer whale, but you can “Re-Direct” it instead to accomplish the same thing!  While your team members are certainly not the same as a pod of killer whales (I hope), they probably prefer the same approach to helping them choose better actions when they need help doing so.  So what does Re-Direction look like in the workplace?

Are You Talking or Communicating?

We’ve all heard it from our friends, co-workers, networking partners and pretty much everybody who ever tried to tell someone else what to do – “they just didn’t listen to me”, or some form of that statement. Well I have good news and bad news for you, and the good news is that you are probably right! The bad news is that there is also a high likelihood that it’s your fault anyways.