team building

Overcoming Good Enough-itis

Many business owners find themselves in a similar place after a while – their business is doing pretty well and they are making a decent living, but there is something missing. They don’t feel as fulfilled at the office as they thought they would, and they feel like something is missing from the team. Everyone comes in, does their job, and takes pretty good care of the customers, yet the little things that would make it great never seem to get done unless you do them yourselves. When you begin to feel this, it most likely means you, your team, and your business have come down with a case of “Good Enough-itis”, where everyone performs just “good enough” to get by, but nobody excels.

Don't Put an "I" in Team

Let’s face it, at one time or another you have experienced the joy and wonder of working in a team environment. (Hopefully, you picked up on the sarcasm here…I’m laying it on pretty thick!) Don’t get me wrong, working in a team can be great when members are aligned and working together to accomplish the task before them. But, there are also those times when working with a team can feel like you’ve been sentenced to a life in prison with no chance of parole.

Are You Talking or Communicating?

We’ve all heard it from our friends, co-workers, networking partners and pretty much everybody who ever tried to tell someone else what to do – “they just didn’t listen to me”, or some form of that statement. Well I have good news and bad news for you, and the good news is that you are probably right! The bad news is that there is also a high likelihood that it’s your fault anyways.