Winning at Sales       

“Nobody’s buying right now.” I keep hearing that, but I don’t believe it. We have had a tough year and many consumers and businesses have had to cut back. But they have not stopped buying completely.  If “nobody” is buying from you right now, it’s time to take a look at who you are selling to and how you are selling.

Aim for the Target

“Everyone” is not your customer.  Take a look at who really is your best customer.  Who buys from you regularly and recommends you to others? Your target may be in a certain geographic area, a particular industry, or have certain demographics.  If 90% of your customers are commercial, does it make sense to sell to residential customers, or to look for additional commercial customers? Focus on what you do best.

Be the Solution

Your greatest sales tool is your ability to listen to your customer.  They don’t want the latest gadget if it does not solve their problem.  Buying decisions are based on emotions.  Keep asking questions until you clearly understand what the customer needs.  The time you spend listening shows the prospect that you are interested in them, not just there for the sale.

Do Your Homework

Before you meet with someone, look them up on Linked In.  Read through their website. Learn something about their industry and who their competition is. Being prepared is a simple, yet effective way to connect with your customer.

Speak their Language

Pay attention to how your customer speaks, moves, and the pace of how they operate.  If he is direct, uses short sentences, and gets bored with details, stick to basic facts delivered in a direct manner.  If the customer is very concerned about changes, have a guarantee and be ready with examples of how your product or service will work for them.  Give them an offer that will minimize their risk.  If she is a talker, allow extra time for stories. 

Don’t waste your time wasting your time.  Learn who you should be selling to and learn about your prospect.  Selling is an emotional decision, so keep digging until you find your prospect’s pain point.  Then offer them a solution that solves their problem – not yours.  Using language and a communication style that reflects who they are leads to a winning sales call.  Make it about them!

A DISC Assessment will help you to understand your own communication style and will help you to adapt to your customer’s style.  Contact me at [email protected] to schedule an assessment.


Author: Sandy Merritt , Business Coach in Louisville, KY